VNPS First Attempt


Our first attempt at vertical, non permanent surfaces…


This was actually the 3rd task in this formative assessment lesson from MARS.  It actually falls under middle school lessons, but based on student assessment data and some informal questioning in class, this is exactly what my students need in developing some foundational understanding.

Round 1 was in pairs, they worked with % statements.


Before we began round 2, I wrote $100 and $200 on the board and asked…what can I multiply 100 by to get 200.  They all laughed, ah, that’s easy Mrs. Wilson! 

Okay.  What about changing the direction? What can we multiply 200 by to get 100?

Divide it by 2! 

No. That’s not what I asked.  What can I multiply it by?


Punching buttons.



What about 150 to 160?

Punching buttons.
This one’s hard.
Punching. Punching.
I’m getting close.

Finally.  Someone showed me their answer and asked, will you accept this? It’s very close.


Others kept working.
I passed out the decimal cards and they completed this task individually.


Still a few mishaps that led to discussion along the way.

When they returned from lunch, I had the new set of purple cards, fractions (oh my) with white boards and one marker per pair.

It took them a few minutes to get settled in.  You’re letting us write on the big boards? Yes! Although a couple had smaller boards in the window sills. 

Doodle. Doodle. Doodle.

But once they got started, it was great listening to them.  They quickly began picking up on patterns.



Yes, a couple of groups will be energetic whether standing or sitting but they were on task for the most part.  There is still some discussions to wrap up but I am pleased with questions they asked, realizations and patterns they noticed.

I look forward to referring back to this foundational understanding in the future.

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