Agree / Disagree Post-its


Students submitted an answer to an assigned question on a post-it note.


Post-its were placed around the room. Each person visited each answer comparing to their own.  If they agreed, there was a tally mark added to A, if not, to D.  A quick self-assessment, without me reading off every answer.


It eliminated having to discuss questions everyone got correct.  We could spend time on “issues” like #4.

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      • We just did our “carousel activity” yesterday. We give students a pattern, they have to write a verbal description of it, then students rotate to the next board and do a different representation of the pattern using the verbal description as a guide. I have students keep rotating until there is a verbal description, graph, table, picture and an equation up on the board. Then groups are back at their original board to check the work against their original pattern.

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