Class Clipboards #made4math


Last Friday we had a teacher day…no students, but many things to get accomplished.  Contrary to what many think, it was a busy day.  No, we didn’t get “the day off.”

As I completed my self-reflection prior to writing my PGP, I realized 4B, maintaining accurate records was an area I wanted to improve. 

I have used a similar system for several years.  A spreadsheet to take attendance, record class notes/observations, quiz levels, etc.  But the downfall, it was on a weekly basis.  I kept a stapled copy of all of my classes on a clipboard.  If I needed to look back for a specific class to last Thursday, I had to rustle through all classes to find it.

I updated my form, landscape format.  There are 2 columns for each day.  One for attendance, one for behavior, etc.  I have more columns to the right to record target quiz results, notes for tutoring, etc.


This looks very similar to a post I read earlier in the year…thanks for sharing, I am sorry I can’t remember who to tag.  I had just enough clipboards in a tote and tied on a ribbon for each class.  This way I will keep multiple weeks for a single class on the clipboard, when I have a specific question or student, I can flip through to find exactly what I need.


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