Because I Used to Think…


One of days…when I need a reminder…


Student: Why do you do it (teach)?

I paused… because at some point, I used to think I could make a difference.

Student: For some of us, you still are.

This coming from a student who is making tiny steps progress.  Still not where we want to be, but progress.

This, coming from a student I was ready to give up on.  Each day, I returned to class, some days out of energy and patience, but to see them moving forward this week…it’s why I keep coming back.


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  1. Yes! The past week was challenging; seems like everyone had criticism; and the progress in class was not what I wanted. But then there was the high five from the kid who said I made her day, and the smile from another, and the “I love math” from one more. It’s not much positive encouragement but it’s enough to rest up this weekend to be ready to do it all again next week!

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