Treats for Teachers (& a November Challenge)


As the day began, members of our student GRIT team began entering classrooms, handing teachers bags of treats.


At first glance, a bag of candy.  But when you opened, you quickly realized it was more than expected.  There were slips of paper included…handwritten notes from students.


The Student GRIT team has copied and dispersed these slips to all 1st period classes, asking each student to tell who and why they were grateful.

What a gift to read short, simple messages from some of your students / former students.

I was so grateful because it’s been a tough year.  Thank you, students for taking the time to do this for us.

They were genuine…and a treasure that has made me realize…I need to tell others thank you.  So, during the month of November, I challenge myself to write one note each day to someone to let them know they’ve made a difference to me.


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