Trash the Lesson


Literally. We trashed a lesson today.  It was a lesson I’ve used for a long, long time.  Triangle Midsegment Investigation.  In recent years, I’ve used geogebra to test/ explore student findings.

It lead a small group of students through realizing midsegment is parallel and 1/2 the length of the corresponding base.


For whatever reason, it was not sinking in. 

I was getting frustrated.  On the edge of sarcasm.  I remembered a comment from my colleague last Friday, to remember to have fun with them.

The lesson wasn’t clicking with them. I wanted to trash it.

So, I picked up a student’s paper, wadded it up and instructed the entire class to follow my lead.

Noone was allowed to leave class until they threw a paper wad at someone.

They laughed. I LAUGHED.  It was totally worth it.

Then I grabbed some poster graph paper and they opened their INBs…we got the big ideas and went on to use them in a few problems…successfully.

A couple of times students made comments how all we had been doing was coming together in the new problems. They were seeing the connections.

Yep. Sometimes we just need to trash the lesson and move on.


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