Inequalities in 2 Triangles


After some discussion about the hingle theorem… the question was …since 40° is twice the size of 20°, won’t side e be twice as long as side d?


Well, we found some counterexamples to prove it wouldnt always be true.

But what about if the triangles are Isosceles?  The picture is actually marked wrong…all of those sides should be marked congruent. 

Two students said it would always work…they believe if  the triangles are isosceles, the third side will be proportional to the angles. 
My projector bulb is shot.  So I could not pull up geogebra to play around in class.  I told them we’d explore tonight and begin there tomorrow.


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  1. Another good one would be to ask about an isosceles right triangle. Tie in a discussion of the triangle inequality theorem there and some more good math talk might emerge.

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