Musical Chairs #eduread


Thanks to #eduread chat last night with @druinok and @algebrasfriend – a simple, no prep idea to get students out of their seats…Musical Chairs… something @druinok shared she had done in some of her classes last week. 


Today, after a mini quiz, we had less than 15 minutes left.  Students picked up a worksheet (given a scenario, they were asked to match a graph).  I chimed up some good ol’ Bluegrass from The Boxcars and Dan Tyminski.  Basically they wandered around the room, music stopped and they grabbed a seat, paired up with someone and discussed scenario #1. 

When everyone had a response marked, I started the music up again.  They smiled as they mixed around the room – some grumbled at my music choice.  Music stopped, they grabbed a chair, paired with a new person and discussed #2.  There were disagreements-(yeah!)-some nice math talk going on.  We continued right up until the end of class.

After lunch, the next class came in asking if they would get to play musical chairs, too. Cha-ching.

Thanks to my #mtbos peeps for adding a bit of joy to my classroom today!

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