First/Last Five #slowmathchat A1


I appreciate @mjfenton’s slow math chat, great little bits to make me pause and ponder daily. 

The past 2 years my bell ringers have evolved into meaningful time.  I try to change our line-up every 6 weeks or so, just to help students experience a variety.

Friendly Class Starters I have used in our rotation:
Estimation 180
Number Talk Tuesday
Would You Rather Wednesday
Counting Circles
Graphing Stories
Visual Patterns
Three-Act Thursday
Test Prep Tuesday
Flashback Friday

This Semester we began with Make A Difference Mondays.  Students were given short articles (What Do You Stand For?) featuring teens who overcame obstacles to better themselves, their school or community.  Each week they have a quick prompt to respond to based on the article.  This is a great way to help students start the week on a positive note. 
Week 1 was on goal setting and the following day we created these hands-reaching for our best, on the fingers they listed short term and long term goals.  The palm contains the legacy they wish to leave behind.


This month, each day contains Flashbacks from Geometry and Algebra I in efforts to review common topics they may see on next month’s statewide ACT.  On Friday, they take a short review assessment to practice.

My last 5 minutes is an area for growth. I KNOW the importance of student reflection and wrap up.  However, my timing is off and I run out of time and students are sometimes rushed.

I like:
Post-it note quizzes
2 – minute reflection: 1 thing to remember, 1 question they still have, 1 aha moment, 1 improvement to make
On an index card…Watch-fors:  reminders of common mistakes to watch for
What was easiest part of lesson? Why? What was most difficult part of lesson? Why?
Odd Man Out – give 4 examples of what we are learning, they tell which one doesn’t belong and tell why.
Steph O’Reillys suggestion -students create and solve their own problem based on the day’s lesson.  She even includes some of them on upcoming assessments!

Beginning and end are critical to setting the tone as well as reinforcing take a ways.  Looking forward to reading what others are doing!


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