Cubing? #challenge #mtbos #cubinginclass


So my superintendent, @fordmich, shared a list of instructional strategies…


Great list, should tag it as a reminder for when I am planning? But cubing? What is it?  So I looked For the Teachers and  some samples.  Oh.  I can do that.

It reminded me of @druinok’s Function Dice and Function Operations activity…that inspired a popular pin  Polynomial Stations. ha, Pinterest even suggested a pin from my own blog the other day… 

I have also used foam dice to generate coordinates on several occasions.

So I am challenging anyone reading this post to create an activity (no matter your content area/grade level) using the idea of “cubing” as linked in the samples above and use it in your classroom before the end of February.  Blog your idea, share your experiences, reflect and make suggestions on ways to improve next time!  Either post a link in comments or tag me in a tweet. 

Afterall, teachers…we are our best resources!


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