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I totally believe if we wish to instill a love for reading and learning in our students, we must be a model for it.  In class, I often share connections “I read…” – and students pay attention.  Once a group asked how much I actually read – that I was constantly referring to a book, an article or research in our discussions.

I want to sequence / plan lessons effectively – help students develop soft skills that lead to learning and individual growth.  Some of this can be modeled, but some will need to be incorporated into daily routines.

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I wish I could be an effective leader in my department.  Hoping to gather some ideas for our PLC from Tim Kanold’s book.

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Previously read Jo & Steve’s work but revisiting – to reinforce foundational ideas.  I was intrigued by things Pam Weber Harris shared at KCM this spring and look forward to incorporating some ideas into classes as opportunities to let students develop their numeracy.

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A colleague shared how much she enjoyed What if?

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And one of these 2 books just to have some references / ideas to share in AP Statistics next year:

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My colleague made fun of me one morning – talking about my reading choices for summer – how I bring my “math books” to the pool.  If I wait until the school year begins, I may not have time to focus on professional reading.  Don’t worry, professional reading is not my exhaustive list…I begin each day with a devotional-driven book and end each day with simply non-thinking fiction.  I feel its imperative to keep my brain moving with different styles of literature.

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  1. Pam, you are inspiring! Love your list of books … I’ll blog about mine soon. Today is our students’ last day; then we clean up on Monday. I too read a devotional/inspirational book, professional reading, and very light fiction! Can’t wait to compare!

  2. Hi Pam,
    I just finished Make It Stick with a book study group I put together at school. Can’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…
    All my best,

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