Scrap Paper Pocket INB


I am one of “those” who prefer to keep students on same page of INB.  If you’re not, that’s great, too.

Anyway, the question arose how do you keep everyone on the same page?  Some students take up more space to answer questions or write larger than others.

I teach them how to do extension pages (thanks Megan!) -you can read more here.

You could also begin each unit with a 2 page pocket-directions and post here.


But last spring, we created quick pockets out of scrap paper.  

1.  Start with scrap paper, slightly smaller than width of page and twice as tall as you want your pocket.


2.  Fold it in half, tape down top/back.


3. Tape each side to INB.


4.  Fold work in half and insert into pocket.


5.  Thanks to @druinok, I used her outline & layout with Chapter Essential Questions, vocabulary, Learning Targets and suggested practice all on a half sheet.  I then taped it to top of page so I can quickly flip up to access work stored in pocket.


As always, this may or a not be of help to you, but just another tool available.

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