Flashback Friday – Past Posts


Sometimes I wonder what I was reading/planning and thinking in old posts.

So today, I’m creating a time-capsule to link to posts as close to the same date in years past.

2014 Skip-It Linear Speed, an idea for an experiment to gather information with a child-hood favorite toy.  @Maxmathforum suggests a similar problem that involves skateboarding in the comments.

2013 Addressing Questions about Formative Assessment Lessons – these learning tasks from the Mathshell site are among my favorites.

2012 #made4math July 9 hanging vinyl tape measures for data collection and magnetic borders for white boards                              Learning from Others #made4math July 11 Tarsia Puzzles, DoppleMe and Posdcasts

2011 Stop Waiting for the Map – July 16 literally, my first post ever on The Radical Rational.

Initially, I started blogging to journal my experiences with Standards Based Grading.  This year, I hope to refocus some of my efforts to improve my practices toward achieving a true standards based learning environment.


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