Professional Library at My School #eduread


This is basically just a re-post of an email I sent our school and central office administration, curriculum coach and Library Media Specialist this morning.  Inspired by @druinok, I have been super jealous of their professional library in their school for a couple of years and thought – why not ask?

What other titles would you suggest to add to our collection?

If you are reading this and have books you would like to donate/send our way, feel free to message me!

I am overly excited our LMS replied back in less than an hour to say she would help get this project going!  Yeah! Happy dance!!!  Hoping to hear form administration soon, as well!

Good morning.
I just returned from KASC’s Leading Through Learning Cadre in Bowling Green.  This is not my actual project, but it is something I have had on my mind for a couple of years and would like to see in our school.
Though some may never utilize it, I feel several of our teachers and staff would read more if they had access to professional books and didn’t have to purchase them.  For this reason, it would be an awesome resource to create a professional library for teachers and staff at RCHS.
Using Hattie’s high effect-size factors of growth mindset, feedback, student engagement, relationships and cognitive skill building, here are some book suggestions that transcend the content areas:
Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck
Drive, Daniel Pink
Growth Mindset in the Classroom (& resources), Mary Cay Ricci
Embedded Formative Assessment, Dylan Wilham
Effective Feedback, Susan Brookhart
How to Teach Like a Pirate, Dave Burgess
17,000 Classroom Visits, Antonetti
The Highly Engaged Classroom, Marzano
Never Work Harder than Your Students, Robyn Jackson
Rethinking Grading / Homework, Cathy Vatterott
Visible Learning, Hattie
The Fred Factor, Sanborn
Making Thinking Visible, Ritchhart 
Creating Cultures of Thinking Ritchhart
Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner
When administration or teachers go to conferences and receive resources they’d like to share, we could add those. Does anyone reading this email have books on your shelves you’d like to donate to get us started?
Would it be more feasible to actually have a section in the library (D____ , would this work?) or maybe even S_____’s office to start out? I don’t want to inconvenience either of you but a central location would be helpfiul.  Just a couple of shelves – we can populate with books teachers can check out when they are looking for resources or help toward their growth goals.  I will commit to getting it set up.
Does our school have an ASCD account?  Those come with choices of so many quality books and access to great online resources as well.
We could survey teachers and narrow down a few topics they are interested in, to begin with. 
I have tagged some central office staff because I realize they occasionally may run across funds that could be used for this type of teacher resource.  Please keep this in mind!
Thank you in advance for any input, support and suggestions!


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