What do I Hope to Get Out of #MTBoSblaugust Challenge? Post #1


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African ProverbThis will be a continuing theme for my year, but I want to share it from my daughter’s swim team perspective.


Shortly after her first swim meet of the summer, she added this… to her summer accessories.


When it was time for the first meet, she wanted to go cheer on her teammates.  And we did.  After a few events, it hit her, she wasn’t getting to swim…sadness in her eyes.  Heartbreaking for her momma.

Each week we went back for new x-rays in hopes to get a waterproof cast and be able to swim, just a little.  If only 1 more meet, literally freestyle, just enough to qualify for conference.  No. No, again. No.  She cried at home that evening, knowing her cast wasn’t coming off until after Conference Finals and her doctor was adamant about not swimming.  I was hoping a few days away on vacation would distract her a bit, but no, “Its been the worst summer ever, not getting to do what I love,” she said through tears Thursday evening of vacation this past week.

When there was a meet, she wanted to go – to cheer on her teammates.  It was gratifying as a parent to watch her realize being part of team doesn’t always mean you are the one getting the points – but being on the side lines, high-fives with her friends, cheering them to finish strong and sharing laughter/creating memories between events – is important as well.

Conference finals were today.  I waited for her to ask to go and we would have made the 2+ hour trek.  But my brother’s family happened to be in town and it took her thoughts away from the swimming events she would miss.  It was time well spent with family.  We cheered and celebrated when we found out her team won.  She smiled, “Of course, I knew they would win before the conference even began.”  The fact is, it took every single swimmer today, the youngest to the oldest, giving their best effort to defend their conference title.

Things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes we are side tracked and we need to adjust.  Last spring was a side track for me.  I lost site of my focus.  I hope the reflections and writing this month will remind me to come alongside new teachers and colleagues and be a support / an encouraging leader, to keep my door open and welcome ideas from colleagues, to remember the daily race is not against state mandated exams, but a team effort to collaborate and help each other as we help our students move forward…


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