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My jaws are sore from laughing so much today.  When people tweet its THE.best.PD our district has ever given – not one complaint or yawn all.day.long.  Its worth it.  So when you get a chance to learn from John Antonetti, take it.  This post may be a bit disjointed it – but wanted to share a few thoughts before calling it a day.

This was the front page of my packet. I was trying to tweet some of the great stuff he was sharing, but I couldn’t do that and write at the same time.  I quickly realized, I was a “Melissa-Sue” as he termed it.  Yep, he called me (& others too) out by saying – … you’re writing as fast as you can to get it all down.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  All day long.


We spent a lot of time discussing John Medina’s Brain Rules and how they connect to Antonetti’s Qualities for Engaging Work.

One thing that stayed with me was the importance of laughter.  I never get all of the quotes jotted but something along the lines of laughter is the body’s acknowledgement of what it already knows.  I need more laughter in my classroom.  Maybe even make it someone’s job to have a joke for the day?  Anyone do anything like this for when we need just a quick brain break?

Another great story he shared – the time his superintendent called him the day before school began and moved him into a kindergarten position – school began the next day.  His colleague had taught K for 33 years.  He was so proud to have finally got his students to become “penguins” as they marched in a straight line down the hall– his colleague stated how penguins always worked.  He was a bit frustrated, asking, “if you already knew that, then why didn’t you tell me?”  She stated, “it wouldn’t have worked.  You had to figure it out on your own.”  He shared how he felt both accomplished and manipulated.  If you feel accomplished and manipulated at the same time…that makes you a learner.

He went on to say she didn’t teach by telling.  She asked questions.

3 things are needed:  Teacher knows their stuff.  How you make it engaging.  Are we making it accessible?  Engaging does not translate to fun, although it may be in the end.  It needs to be so engaging that students think they want it.

It has to happen enough that they want to come back tomorrow.

When in a crisis school, they were trying to write a new mission statement and had an overflow of words.  One teacher claimed they saw a lot about information and communication – so they combined the two and used Informate.

So much great stuff from today… but my brain and body are exhausted.  I’m on overload but in a good way.  I cannot wait to sleep and let my brain process all of this goodness – like what are the 4 traits for classifying a mammal.   Oh goodness cannot even explain.

In one of his first jobs, his administration handed him a notebook and told him he would pay him to sit 8 minutes at the end of everyday and write what worked for the Kindergartners that will also work for the AP Chemistry student.  He still has that notebook.  My goal is to use 8 minutes each day and reflect on what worked for my students.  I am not sure if this will be written or actually blogged, but I believe spending 8 minutes in true reflection is doable and will impact my teaching.


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