Poster Acrostic #MBToSBlaugust Post 7


“We can’t direct the winds, but we can adjust the sails.”  Thomas M. Monson


Last school year was unique to say the least.  It was difficult.  It was embarassing.  It was disheartening. Things happened beyond most of our control – it left a mar on our reputation.  We were beaten down and felt as if our community no longer trusted us.  However, when we met earlier in the summer with William H. Blackford as part of the Leader in Me support for two days, he encouraged us to speak our truth.  Through our actions, the community would see who and what we are.

Our faculty GRIT team met this week to begin planning for our school year events.  Some ideas were shared for faculty shirts, etc.  An acrostic using SAILS was shared.  I can’t remember if these were the exact ideas, but the ones I plan to go with this year.


Whatever problems we face in life, we must pause and make sense of them.  Sometimes that means seeking to understand our colleagues, coworkers or classmates in order to come alongside and be a more productive team. Sometimes its an assignment from class.  But we all face challenges in real life beyond the classroom walls.

Communication is key.  Its my opinion our social media has taken away some of these skills.  We need to learn how to articulate our thoughts and ideas, to listen to others’ ideas and find ways we can share efficiently so others can also understand.  We need to learn how to consider others and be okay with their point of view differing from our own.

Innovation is not necessarily tech-y or future forward.  Innovation is understanding a situation, its limits and constraints then finding strategies that will help improve and move the situation forward in a way that betters the lives of those impacted.

Lead and learn.  We must provide opportunities and resources that will allow them to grow and lead others around them.  If we sit back, waiting for someone else to do it, well, it may never get done.  Take initiative.  Be the change.  Do something.

Strive to succeed.  Each person brings different strengths and challenges.  We may not reach the same level of achievement, but if we are working hard and truly putting in effort to be our best – it will be amazing what we can achieve!

You will rarely be given a direct path from Point A to Point B in this life.  By helping our students learn true life skills through the learning opportunities we provide, they will learn how to adjust, learn and proceed.

We cannot always control what is thrown at us.  But we can chose how we react – we can “waller”” in pity, complaining all the way or we can adjust our sails and figure out how to maneuver the course.

This year will be different.  This year will be better. This year we are moving up.

We have an amazing faculty who cares about our kids and our community.  We are hardworking.  We have amazing students who are beyond our imaginations able to do something amazing.  Our superintendent gave us permission to celebrate the great things in our school – to speak our truth by sharing out what students and teachers are doing!


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