First Day #MTBoSBlaugust Post 11



Our faculty lined the front sidewalk to greet, high five, fistbump students as they arrived on the first day.

The back of our faculty shirts …

and the quote goes on… For maximum happiness, peace and contentment – may we choose a positive attitude.

Thanks to @druinok (or whomever!) – I used the nameplate as a quick intro.  Students then had to meet with someone else and introduce them to the class and share something from their name plate.

name plate

Crazy schedule 1 classes, I had 30 minutes, 2 classes 10 minutes and 3 classes then entire time.

We used the towel problem from Powerful Problem Solving.  Lots of laughter.  Some struggles.  But a great way to begin the year.

wpid-20150811_141103.jpg wpid-20150811_141108.jpgwpid-20150811_141115.jpg wpid-20150811_141228.jpg wpid-20150811_141053.jpg

Perseverance, communication (speaking & listening), following directions – all soft skills for any venture in life.  We complicated it, by adding more people to our “islands” and a couple of classes, I added a time constraint on the 3rd attempt.  Big idea – we all had the same goal – some finished sooner than others – we had varied approaches (whose approach was best?), when you didn’t do so well – they hopped back on the island and tried again!  Every group (except one) completed the task successfully.

It was a good first day.


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