Old Files #MBToSBlaugust Post 12


I have been away from Algebra I for 3 years.  I have been sifting through old organizers trying to get everything truly lined out for the year.

I ran across this file – the back of a unit organizer.  I was attempting to implement SBG, utilizing Pre-Assessments and encouraging student tracking of their own learning.

Here were some of my thoughts for this old tracker:

self assessment

The following is a version I used the past three years.  The CCSS is listed to allow parents/students who are looking for online help or even for a tutor.  There is a list of sections in the class textbook for them to utilize as another resource.  The Learning Target is attached to the description in the online gradebook – this way parents can go to the organizer to see what exactly that target addresses – if needed.

There are several places to record learning for each target.  HW/Practice, Target Quizzes, in class self- assessments, etc.  And finally, students color their level of learning and even add to it as they progress through the unit.  This format is by no means my design.  It was shared by Lisa B several years ago – I only modified to meet my personal needs/preference.  Here is a file you can modify for your own liking.Functions Overview Organizer Student Assessment Tracker


The front of the organizer has the essential questions, critical vocabulary, etc.  Here is a more recent one – from a functions overview unit:


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  1. Ohhhh…I like this with the standards and the correlating book section. We don’t have books, but I can relate it to their homework sections. I think I may add a column so they can fill in the page numbers from their ISN (or binder page, considering going to binder instead of composition book). Thanks so much for sharing!

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