Staying In Tune to Students – My 8 Minute Reflection for Day 3 #MTBoSBlaugust Post 14


No puzzles or problem solving today.

We spent some time sharing our chosen questions for the Sol Lewitt artwork Notice/Wonder we started yesterday.


There are inner smiles when I observe students arguing over “the math” – but also satisfaction when I observe them respectfully disagreeing with someone else’s reasoning, then explaining their own thinking.  The first person, nodding their head when they realize their mistake.

I introduced them to @misscalcul8’s 2 nice things.  Again, another ways of reminding students that our words carry weight.

The majority of class time however was spent setting up our INBs.  This will be my 4th year using them.  And yes, there are certain things I am particular about.  I will lend more time to students summarizing / reviewing / revisiting older notes in efforts to battle the forgetting curve.

In AP Statistics we finished our Intro with Kristen Gilbert.  One student who was absent yesterday, I had told to look up Kristen Gilbert – that she would make a good role model (not.) – it was hilarious to hear her telling what she had read about Kristen.  Another student, who had been in Geometry class – rather quiet then – spoke up yesterday and shared how she had never thought about Lawyering / what type of studies would be required to become a lawyer.  Today, she stated how she wanted to look on Dateline or another show to see if there had been a show about KG – an intriguing story.

Before last class began, a student from earlier in the day – came in to ask if I’d help her deliver a surprise birthday basket to her friend.  She rambled on – excited.  I patiently listened.  When she said she wanted her friend to get her gift “delivered” in this class because it was their favorite period of the day – that made me smile.  (2 kids who really don’t like math).

My afternoon class was a bit off today.  One girl was clearly angry about something.  I asked if she’d had a bad day – her reply yes.  But just having a small conversation with her seemed to lighten her mood.  She was smiling again in no time.

Being a teenager is hard.  Being a 9th grader in a new school is hard.  Finding your footing in 7 different classes is hard.  I want to be more in tune to my students as they walk through the door.  I want to remember they are kids – dealing with life.  They may not have a good day, but at least while they’re in Room 148. they’ll feel safe and have a pleasant experience and know this teacher loves them.

I feel like we’ve gotten off to a good start.

I want it to continue.

I want them to know I care.

I want them to enjoy learning.

I want them to believe in themselves.

It was a good day.


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