My 8 Minute Reflection Day 4 #MTBoSBlaugust Post 15


I’ve had an excellent starting week at school.

To begin each class today – students could live tweet OR paper tweet #mygoal16 – it was great, and very telling of what some students value.  There were personal goals, academic goals, attendance goals, sports goals.


We finished setting up our INBs today in Algebra I.  I was able to share how my choice in INB style models Cornell Notes.  I explained the forgetting curve to students and how some of our strategies this year – getting them to interact with their notes – will be intended to combat forgetting.  Some were amazed at the research of how just interacting within 24 hours improves learning, and again within the first few days has an even larger impact.  no.way.  yes. way.

We discussed how some quizzes would not be graded.

Student 1 “Why do that if its not for a grade?”  Silence.

Another student – “Well, maybe its to help our learning.”

Student 3, “Why would we even try if its not for a grade.”  Silence.

Student 4, “But if its not for a grade, we can’t fail. And it will help us know what we can do.”

Student 5, “S0 then, we don’t have as much we need to study.”

What would you have added to this conversation?  I think it was a pretty accurate description of the point I wanted to make.

Earlier in the week, I shared a story that included how my Granny lived across the field from us when I was growing up.  My brother and I had a path worn out across the field from all our visits to her house.

I used this to close out the discussion of brain research/learning – we get new information, we interact with the new information within 24 hours – either picking cue words/phrases, creating & answering questions, then practice in class, later, a practice quiz and by the time we take a real quiz the following week – well, the path has been worn, the connections are stronger, our learning will stick.

We had a PEP rally to kick off the school year today, ending a great first week.  Today, during each class, we discussed etiquette and expectations at a PEP rally.  I was so proud as each class participated in

Gimme an L! L! Gimme an A! A!  Gimme a K! K!  Gimme an E! E! Gimme an R! R! Gimme an S! S!  What do ya got?  LAKERS!  Louder! LAKERS!! Louder!  LAKERS!!!

It was GREAT!  Every single class outstanding!  School Spirit – everyone standing AND participating.  Sometimes we just need to be explicit with some expectations.  So proud of our students.  The BEST pep rally we’ve had in a long time.

And a bit of fun entertainment from about 30 of our faculty/admin as we shared our rendition of some dance moves we’ve learned in the past couple of weeks. Too funny.  But good times.  Great laughter.

What’s better, as I was leaving, I stopped by the front office to find an AWESOME treat from my Canadian friend, Mary.

Its been a good week.






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