Professional Growth Goal #MTBoSBlaugust Post


My reading this summer has really impacted my thinking.  But its scary – knowing what will be better for student learning and actually doing it are two different things.  It is very easy to stay in a comfort zone.  OR get tired and fall back into that comfort zone.

My goals for this school year:

Lagging and Mixed Practice in Algebra I.

Cumulative Assessments

Be very intentional in providing opportunities and holding student’s accountable to reflection and self-quizzing.

@gwaddellnvhs reminded me last night of a planning structure called 5Es.

Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.

I saw this structure at a state conference last year and filed it away.  However, this really fits my mindset and what I would like my classroom to look like.  I plan to use this outline as I plan learning tasks.  Here is a file I found on Pinterest to help guide my thinking in this venture.

5E Model: different roles for the teacher and student compared to a more "traditional" lesson.

I am currently leaning to write my PGG for improved planning – we are accountable for Program Reviews in our district – showing evidence of implementing Culture, Arts/Humanities, Practical Living / Vocational Studies and Writing – my intentions are to ensure at least one area in each unit.  I feel I need to ensure some type of technology component to stay current (thank goodness for desmos!) and would like to implement some type of non-routine problem solving task as well to help push student thinking.  I want to provide structure for student notes – but I also know how valuable it is for them to summarize their own thinking in written form to process the new information.

My goal is to find a way to ensure I implement all of these components into the units. I may only have a couple of quality units written each semester, but over time, these will eventually get where I need them to be.

As always, I want to improve parent communication.

And I will continue to refine my efforts toward SBG.


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