Barfing Monsters #MTBoSBlaugust Post 17


It was a good day.

Thanks to  @cheesemonkeysf and @samjshah there were Barfing Monsters everywhere.  Day 1 Day 2 & 3. Only changes to their files were some names (those who had tweets I could see) when I was formatting the docs for our INBs.

My daughter came into my room after school and asked if it was gross cleaning up what Monsters barfed up. No. It looks a lot like confetti.

Rather than run 140ish copies.  I set up stations with 1 monster each.


Monsters were taped to a piece of folded cardstock with their symptoms and  information on the inside of the “case file”  then placed around the room.

My Dr. ____ & Associates have quite the reputations with Monsters traveling from NV, PA, OH, OK, CA.

There was thinking and discussion and struggling.  Multiple times I heard students claim, this is like input/output.  Students were asked to create their own Barfing Monsters as HW tonight.  I am interested to see what they come up with!

Yes. It was a good day.


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