Class #choosekind Challenge #MTBoSBlaugust Post 19


Thursday evening someone tweeted a link to this challenge.

Find out how your class can become Certified Kind this school year!

Last summer, @mathymeg07 shared Wonder as a great, quick read right before school started back.  I couldn’t agree more.  If you haven’t read it.  Read it.  It lends itself to a younger middle school audience, but the story and lessons are great for anyone age 10-100!

I showed the challenge to my classes and on Monday, each class will have a labeled #choosekind jar.  They will place post-its describing #choosekind they observe from their classmates on our “Be a Bucket Filler” board.


Each day, our class Kindness Ambassador will count the post-its, get a marble for each kind deed to drop into their kindness jar.  Our Friday tweets (they can live tweet @pamwilsonmath or paper tweet) were to share a way they could #choosekind or what they might observe someone else doing to #choosekind


When a class fills their jar, I will email a picture to the campaign to acknowledge their efforts.  My goal is to empower these students to know their actions and words have weight and they can impact their classrooms, school, community and world.


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