One Good Thing…


Part of an email I received today…

Thank you for the time you spent on me! You reinforced my belief to always challenge myself, one of the reasons I am currently enlisting in the Air Force.

This email both filled my heart with joy and emptied it to sadness. 

Yes, there were times of frustration due to lack of effort or care.  But then again, I’ve never walked in their shoes, or faced life challenges like theirs.  I could not begin to understand the frustration they surely felt sitting hour after hour, nothing to truly engage them intellectually. 

So many paths this child could have chosen.  Trouble sometimes met them along the way.  Other times they chose trouble. 

I did my best to hold them accountable.

I cried silently last May when they didn’t walk the graduation line.  I felt our school had failed.  I felt I had failed.

The email was to let myself and a colleague know they completed the required credits.  They finished the game of school.  They graduated.

There is nothing I could have taught this young, brilliant mind.  But I took the time…to say you matter.

And today, I realize this student is a starfish…

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