Flexibility with Numbers


Is that part of numeracy?

Each week, I have used a different thinking structure/resource as my bell ringers.  On Monday, I model, but the rest of the week, students work within that structure.

My intention is build a tool box of sorts. 

Four 4s to review Order of operations.  Krypton and Math Dice would also work here.

WODB.ca to help students see that several different ideas can be correct because of good reasoning.

We actually did visual patterns during class a couple of weeks ago, but this week, I am using non-linear examples.

Yesterday, my thoughts lingered from a discussion (several, actually) about this number pattern…


The top version was in a problem set and 90% of the students skipped it because “I’m not very good with fractions” (YET, I added every time).  I’m not talking my struggling learners, I’m talking…everybody.

It erks me, they didn’t even look at the problem to investigate what’s changing, what’s staying the same…they saw fraction and went on.

Do you immerse them in fractions to build that confidence to at least pause… and take a look?

Next week, we will start class with Counting Circles, the following week Counting Circles with some fractions involved somehow.  Or should I use the clothesline here, somehow? 

A long weekend will give me some time to think on these things.


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