Real Life Water Line


After some good old Dan Meyer Graphing Stories last week, we began our next phase of functions by predicting what our graphs (#s coops & water height) would look like for these containers:



And then we actually scooped water to see how close we were…


Walking around, listening to conversations…
“NO. It can’t go back down, you’re still adding water, so the height of water keeps increasing.”

“It might slow down or speed up, but it won’t decrease until we empty the vase.”

“So we need to reverse the steepness…where it’s steep, we need to flatten it out and where it’s flT, we need to make the graph steeper.”

I required them to complete a group graph to predict before I gave them their scoops to start data collection.

Several had to go back and finish details like labels and scales on graphs…a good reminding activity.

One student asked – do you do activities like this often?  It makes it (math class) fun.  

It was a good day.

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