My Favorites: Timeless Ornaments #MTBoS12days


My favorite part of preparing for the holidays is putting up the tree, looking at each ornament, pondering the memories with dear friends and family.

At my mom & dad’s most of the tree is covered with handmade treasures from the grandkids. But a few from their early years are most special.

The rocking horse with crazy hair…my brother and I argue who will inherit it someday….


The little lamb was the tree topper when I was very small…


A drum that cost like a quarter.  When my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas, I purchased a drum for our tree.  My daughter has started percussion in band this year, so she’s getting a red sparking drum ornament to mark the occasion.


This ornament was from my gradparents’ tree whrn my mom was young. She laughs about how they would place all the ornaments on the tree, then spray it with the fake snow…you may be able to see there is still snow on it…


Lastly, my mom’s bubble lights remind me of Granny’s tree…someday, I hope to have my own.


What are your favorite traditions, ornaments, memories?


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