Rest & Rejuvenate #MTBoS12days


What I always hope to be a few days to sleep in and be lazy, well, if I sleep until 6 a.m. – that’s sleeping in for me.  I enjoy my morning quiet times, a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer and a little reading to start the day…

One of the most calming things for me, a hobby that started as a way to share inexpensive gifts at Christmas…personalized ornaments.  The first I recall was 1996…my mother in law has one with a snowman pickin’ a banjo I made for my then boyfriend. Christmas today…I snapped a picture of it while at their house…a little lame but I remember being super excited that year…


My cousin has a tree filled with ornaments I’ve made for her children over the years.


I make anywhere from 5 – 10 dozen a year…depending on events, time, etc.  They are inexpensive because I often purchase ribbons / glass ornaments after Christmas the year before, but its the time and thought I invest in them that makes them a gift from the heart.

Each ornament has a theme/style I use, their name, the date and a Bible verse.  If its a special occasion – wedding, new baby, new job – I like to use the clear ones and insert items from a shower or shredded invitations/announcements.  I literally could spend hours working on them, its calming, peaceful, a time of reflection and prayer for that friend or family member.

This year was a brown base ornament with a gingerbread face and Psalm 34:8 as the verse.

A few from years past…

At then bottom, the red on the left was the year my husband proposed…the following morning, there was ice and snow on and I decided I wanted to go sledding down my parents’ driveway.  Recall, ice under the snow – as I slid down the hill, I realized there was a barbed wire fence and if I didn’t make the curve just right, I’d run into it.  So, I tried to stop, only my efforts caused me to slide faster and there I flew into the fence.  Ouch.  Long hair entangled, I was stuck.  My husband and brother came sliding down the hill attempting to pull me loose.

A trip to the emergency room, a tetanus shot and several stitches in the head, a slice across my arm and a jagged but not so deep wound on my shoulder later…well, I haven’t gone sledding down that hill since.

The last ornament you see was a styrofoam ball, painted with Elmer’s glue and covered in glitter.  Once it dried, we used cute wrap and wire ribbon to finish.  A cute little craft for the kiddos.

I’m not sure its making the ornaments but more the time I spend thinking about each person and what they mean me that makes this holiday tradition so special to me.


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