Books: Past, Present, Future #MTBoS12Days


Hmmmm.  I’m constantly reading on down time.  A few years ago, I felt it was important for me to read if it was something I wanted to instill in my students.  I used to post outside my door what I was currently reading, I need to start doing that again.  I still include my current reading on my signature on my emails.   I couldn’t really tell you what fiction I read, but every night that’s my cool-down before drifting off to sleep.  I enjoy light, non-thinking reading for that time of day.

Professional reading


A book I’ve read – last summer I had the opportunity to see John Antonetti speak.  Very entertaining, informative and offered great ideas to challenge the way I plan.  I picked up his book 17,000 Classroom Visits Can’t be Wrong.  Its a quick read and filled with practical tips on ways to engage students.

A book I’m reading – about 15 years ago, I was fortunate to see David Sousa present at a G/T conference on How the Brain Learns.  Wow.  Such great information that can be applied to every classroom.  I read some of @jgough‘s posts this fall on Brain Friendly Assessments and ordered the book.  I’m only in the 3rd chapter – end of semester and midterms got in my way, but my goal is to have it completed before returning from Christmas Break.

Books I want to read – there are so many, but 2 in my near future…  Embedding Formative Assessments by Wiliam.  Several summers ago, I participated in two different book chats with Embedded Formative Assessment and looking forward to the illustrations and ways to adjust my classroom practices in his newest book.

The other book I hope to read, very short, is The Fred Factor by Mark Sandborn.  I am unsure where I heard this book mentioned but it stuck with me and I quickly recognized it when I ran across the title again and ordered it.  A quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Whatever you are, be a good one” is at the beginning of one chapter.  I think it will be  quick read that can have a positive impact on me and my classroom.



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