Proud to be a Laker… #MTBoS12days


There are countless activities our RCHS students participate in from volunteering at the Annual Food Drive/Delivery on Christmas Eve, donating, wrapping and distributing toys at a local missions, collecting and distributing coats/blankets in the Warm Hearts drive… but I choose to share about this one because its a group my daughter may be a part of soon…

She has this new love for band, she’s in percussion with beginning band this year…her Christmas wish list… purple drumsticks and a music stand.  We traveled to several marching competitions this fall and she sat, watching each movement – picking up on details I would never have seen.  Very proud of our students as they finished 3rd at state!  Their hard work, dedication rewarded.


While at the competitions, she got to experience “The Crazy Band Lady” and her shouts as the band entered the field “Rock my face off, Laker Band!”  I was in band with M many, many years ago.  When called to attention, no one had better posture or more pride.  This many years later, she is our band’s biggest fan and supporter.

Because of illness, M was not able to attend the band’s annual Christmas Concert.  And only days later, a house fire devastated her family.  I was sitting in the workroom a couple of days later when I overheard our band director speaking to our administrator.  I am glad my child looks up to this teacher as a mentor – someone who sees beyond themselves, their own needs to reach out to others in our community.  Someone who instills positive values in his students.  They were making plans to collect items needed and donations to help M.

The final day of school before Christmas Break, all band students were called out of class.  They loaded buses with instruments and music stands in hand…  Marching up the street to take their Christmas Concert and donations to M and her family.  And hugs for everyone…

M’s post: You all are the most amazing group of talent, parents, boosters, and staff!!!!! I could NEVER EVER show or tell you just how much that meant to me. I love you all so much it hurts. ‪#‎OfficiallyFaceless‬

Watching the videos from that day, listening to students recollections, reading comments from our community and seeing this show of love and kindness highlighted in our local media – makes me proud.  We need to model what we wish to see in the world…




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