Reflection: Start, Stop, Continue… #MTBoS12days


Start:  I really like how @druinok has successfully worked the MC Mondays and Flashback Friday’s into her weekly routine.  Both of these ideas feel like something I can do with some level success.  They incorporate the quiz often to address frequent opportunities for retrieval as well as reviewing old topics/skills.

I want to start using more written reflection for student learning as well.  I used to be more intentional with this.  Hold me accountable someone!!!  Ask me about it later in the semester to make sure I’m doing it!

Stop:  Worrying about little details that won’t matter…  I need to focus on enjoying my students, laughing more in class and providing opportunities for my students to think and enjoy learning in our classroom.

Continue:  Using my student organizer which helps me keep integrity toward our  department’s common curriculum  and providing students with a structure to assess their own learning…


But also be okay and confident with using ideas I know engage students like  3-ACTS, various problem solving,,,, data collection tasks.

I need to stop trying to go by the book, if I have an “0ld task” that works, then I should use it.  I spent many, many hours years ago aligning our units with a colleague when CCSS first made its debut.  It was quality work, we invested a lot of effort into them and and I plan to pull those out and continue using them.  This particular unit felt very contrived and forced.  Its okay if you need a textbook to guide your planning – I’m not knocking it if that’s the case, but for me, I want the flow of the unit to feel more natural, intuitive for my students.


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