Classroom Wishlist #MTBoS12Days


My Classroom Wishlist:

Non of the following are necessities, but don’t we all have wishes that will move our classrooms forward?  Some are instructional purposes, some are conveniences for me.

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  • separate desk/chairs, desks with flat top surfaces, would allow me to group in various sizes – those pictures above, a set of 30 would run just under $2,000.
  • large 2′ x 3′ group white boards (OR large white boards for blank wall space…)
  • 15 tablets/devices for classroom use – could easily pair up to complete online work with desmos or other investigations without having to wait days to get into an overbooked computer lab
  • I plan to make a window shade that can be tied up or untied in need of a lock down.
  • A projector remote – when I moved to this room over the summer, the remote was missing.  I use a yard stick (aka magic wand) to turn the projector on, switch between modes.

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