Looking Forward to in 2016 #MTBoS12Days


Not so much implementing anything “new” in my classroom, but…refining things I’ve already started – utilizing proven tools I’ve used in the past; being intentional with student reflection/owning their learning; purposeful questioning / open questioning / building-in opportunities for discussion and sharing.

I look forward to making students’ brains hurt… (not really, but I want them to think!)

I look forward to building better assessments as my colleague across the hall challenged me to be accountable to cumulative assessments every 4-6 weeks.

I look forward to discussions in Math PLCs concerning our practices and utilizing one another as resources / soundboards for ideas.

I look forward to learning more about doodling/sketch noting as I experiment with it in my own reading/learning.

I look forward to laughter and thinking and good times in room 148.



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