Knowledge to Action 2016 nonMath #MTBoS12days


Call them resolutions.  Call them goals.  It all comes down to- when I know what needs to be done, well, I need to do it.  After reading this phrase in Wiliam & Leahy’s book Embedding Formative Assessment, I am claiming my theme for 2016 as Knowledge into Action.

In 2015,  I was devastated to see my health in decline.  My choices had landed me in the obese category with lab numbers showing prediabetes.  I had to make some changes.  In September, I began meeting with a group for accountability and a coach, she is amazing and supportive.  The program was simple – I was never told I couldn’t eat certain things, but given facts and a choice to make.  Did you know if you loose 5-7% of your initial body weight, your chances of developing Type II diabetes reduces by 54%?  So that was our first goal.

We had food journals.  My coach’s mantra “If you bite it, write it.  If  you drink it, ink it.”  Physically writing it all down has shifted my mindset with food.  It really has added another level of accountability to myself.   Each week, a new lesson brought new knowledge and a choice for action. And we would physically write down our behavior goals for the upcoming week.

I can’t remember which week I officially reached that first goal, but it felt good to achieve it.  I continued making better dietary choices.  Since our first weigh-in, I have lost over 20 lbs and kept it off during the holidays.  Yep.  I am proud and high-fiving myself because sometimes it is hard making the right choices.  It does take dedication.  But I want to take my health back in my control.  I want to feel good and be able to enjoy each day.  To be the best me for my family, my friends, my students.

My next goal is 13 lbs away.  My final goal is 21 lbs away.  It matters.  Its about my health now.  Its about my future.

As part of the program, our initial physical activity goal started at 60 minutes per week and we steadily increased up to 150 minutes per week.  I am not there, yet.  Or at least not consistently making those choices each week.  But I know it is part of getting me healthier.  So when @mathymeg07 tweeted this challenge, I chose to join it!  After all, this is slightly more than my 150 minute goal – I need to get some strength training in as well.   Its a challenge to strive for.  Thanks, Meg!  You can join in too!  You set your own goal.


A few years ago, I was amazed at @samjshah’s reading challenge and list.  I set a goal and met it – 26 books that year.  I continue to read, no official goals set, but when I posted a request of recommended titles for 2016 on facebook, a friend directed me to @modernmrsdarcy  where I found this challenge: Read 12 books in 12 months from 12 different categories.  I like this because it challenges me to reach outside my comfort/preference zone…  The one I’m most concerned with…I’m a slow reader is a book you can finish in a day!

Make 2016 your best reading year yet with this reading challenge. It’s simple and doable, but provides the structure you need to approach your reading list with intention in 2016.

I want to learn something new.  To actually learn how to play a real song – not just ping around  on – my ukulele I got for Christmas…last year.  Someone hold me accountable and ask – so I will.

I want to laugh more.  Give/serve more in my community – to reach beyond myself.  I want to fully enjoy each day/moment with my family – rather than getting caught up in busyness of an over-scheduled calendar.  I want to savor watching my daughter learn piano and percussion, celebrate her improvements with swim and encourage her to continue to find a love for the world around her.

I am sending myself a reminder to blog February 15 and be accountable to my goal of Knowledge into Action 2016.

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