Hands Across America – Scatterplots


@reilly1041 tweeted about using burning candles for scatter plots in class – a sure way to get fired.  It made me think of several things I’ve used in the past for scatter plots…

The Wave:  Time vs. # Students  then predict how long it would take our entire school to complete a way.  If we wanted to get out of class for 1 hours, how many students would we need to accomplish this task?

Bucket Brigade / Pass the Book:  Time vs. # Students passing the bucket/book.

Ring Around – Use Cheerios, candy or pennies as unit of measure – trace various circular objects, measure diameter and circumference.

I even wondered about measuring central angles vs. arc length on circles…to tie in some geometric concepts

The Crow & the Pitcher

Hands Across America:  Distance vs. # people, then predict how far would our chain reach if all students in our school participated.  How many people would need to participate to reach across our county.  I used to have students read an article prior to the data collection (my integration of reading in math class!)

Good discussions / assumptions to make as to what roadway we could use, how to determine average distance per person, we all stand at a certain position… etc.

I looked up and found these links…

Hands Across America – 20 years later, ABC News

Hands Across America – 25 years later from Mental Floss

Some nice nostalgia for my morning.


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