Back After Break ~ Day 1


Just a quick post to celebrate our first day back this semester.  Excellent attendance…now how to keep that going?!?

Each class, we used plickers to highlight some of the most missed questions from their midterms.  Some good discussion and several a-has.

We moved on to the number-game?  What is it called?  1-100 Group Task – thanks to Sara & Megan!

It was fun just watching a listening.  My first class of the day was quite fierce.  I have an audio clip – they were crazy loud but completely on task.  When the phone rang this morning – I was afraid the front office was calling to tell us to quiet down.

One of the best groups I observed were my rowdiest group of boys.  One of the funniest groups I observed was my quiet student being all bossy.  The students laughed, worked as a unit, communicated and shared strategies it required to be successful at the task today.


We ended our day with a simple question…  What is thinking? and posted our responses on the bulletin board.  My plans are to create a place where we can post students’ questions…

It was a good day.  A very good day.

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