3-2-1 Reflection on 2016 Goals Week 1


Holding myself accountable…  a snippet from my classroom goals I wrote during our #MTBoS12days Challenge:

“being intentional with student reflection/owning their learning; purposeful questioning / open questioning / building-in opportunities for discussion and sharing”

3 things from last week that are working toward my goals…

  1. 60 second brain dump: anything you were reminded of, realized or learned… 60 second pair/share…The following day, swapped reflections and read each others.
  2. individual reflection / wrong answer analysis of midterm
  3. quick quizzes – for short cycle student / peer assessment

2 things I need to work on…

  1. lessons last week were review/scaffolded, little open questioning…boring, my fault.  What type of open questions do you present to students for linear inequalities?   Thinking something similar to:  Create a linear inequality that includes (4, 1) , (5, 0) and (6, -3) in the solution set.
  2. some discussions with midterm analysis but nothing purposeful with newer lessons…  Looking at some open sorts to maybe generate some good discussions in small groups, then allow them to write / summarize their discussions.

1 good thing…   

  1. Multiple Choice Monday (MCM) and Flashback Friday (FBF) in all classes to retrieve some concepts / skills from first semester.  We used PLICKERS – students thought they were kind of cool, engaged in follow up discussions.  Filled in some gaps with them!


Ready for week 2!


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