And Miles to Go Before I Sleep… #exploreMTBoS2016



I loved that poem…6th grade…a few years back…

Is it Monday?  Yep.

  • 5:07 a.m.  My fitbit jiggles to wake me.  But its so cold outside.  Maybe it snowed…  not.
  • 5:17  I am actually awake, turn the coffee pot on, iron the clothes I was too lazy to get finished last night for the day.  My favorite raisin courds, cardi, scarf and comfy brown boots.
  • 5:30  sitting with my coffee and cream brulee, a quick devotional from ODB and a chapter from Job…I’ve really enjoyed that book this month.  SOAKing is a great structure – thanks @druinok!
  • 5:55 Shower and get ready for the day!
  • 6:15 wake up my sleeping child…one more time…
  • 6:30 finish packing lunch and snacks (thanks my dear husband for starting my car!)
  • 6:45 leave
  • 6:55 drop off S at her school
  • 7:00 walk into my classroom coffee in hand…talent…without dropping all of my stuff!
  • 7:02 run a few copies for an level up assessment I’m trying this week – incorporating an Open Question
  • 7:05 students begin to filter into the halls
  • 7:10 hanging in hallway with colleagues – I’m surrounded by amazing people!
  • 7:20 other colleague stops by to pick up a card sort I had she wants to use this week, we discuss possible options for tweaking curriculum in upcoming units, make plans to meet after school this week to create some tasks in ACT review for Algebra 2 classes.
  • 7:30 1st period
  • 8:25 2nd period (restroom break to follow!)
  • 9:20 3rd period
  • 10:15 4th period
  • 10:58 lunch (ham on wheat, spicy fire-roasted tomato soup! and water)  check mail box, restroom break, return to room 11:23, finish class
  • Planning -snack…sliced apple – pink lady, my 2nd favorite… as I step out of copy room, an ELA teacher is doing a four corners type strategy and I jump in level 5…I strongly agree (I just didn’t know what I was agreeing to…)  Hmmm.  “You stick by close friends no matter what.”  Oh, maybe I should leave a little wiggle room…in case their behavior is illegal or something.  Yep, gonna move down to level 4.  BTW It was fun listening to students share ideas, even argue a little.  I love learning moments like that…it was actually a lead into their Romeo & Juliet unit.
  • I never know these afternoon times – I have to look at my bell schedule above my door…every day, every afternoon class.
  • 12:35  6th period
  • 1:40ish  7th period
  • 2:30 end of school day
  • Colleague stops by my room to discuss some community issues…
  • 2:50 my daughter arrives to my room
  • 3:00 discuss the day with colleagues
  • 3:30 begin wrapping up
  • 3:45 finally out the door
  • 4:00 home, quick snack – Protein, Yogurt Smoothy Salted Caramel, not bad at all.
  • 4:40 take daughter to singing rehearsal for upcoming Musical: Beauty & the Beast (husband is picking her up AND taking care of dinner…yum, his delicious fish sandwish with sliced avocado an rye…yum.yum.yum.)
  • 4:55 arrive back at school
  • 5:00 PTO meeting
  • 5:30  SBDM meeting – several teachers in attendance to voice concerns about our schedule
  • 7:15 SBDM goes in to Executive Session – closed doors, start to leave, but then discuss a couple of ideas with Asst. Principal concerning mentoring opportunities for sturggling students, then return to SBDM
  • 8:11 arrive home, have supper by myself, talk with daughter about her practice, chat with husband…
  • 8:55 feedback on level up quizzes…
  • 9:20 more to go, but time to brush my teeth, read a bit and sleep.

Its only Monday, afterall.  And miles to go before I sleep…

Good Night.


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  1. That makes me tired just reading it! Mostly because you wake up at 5am. I get up at 6am, and it makes me sad if I have to break that threshold to wake up earlier. Even 5:59am sounds wrong. Thankfully my daughter doesn’t need to get up too early yet, otherwise I could see myself getting up early just to get things done by myself before having to get her up and going.

    Thank you for sharing your day! Your post also made me hungry…

  2. What fitbit do you have the jiggles you awake? I just have a simple one but wondering if it has that feature. And, you read ODB – what is that? I got the app last year called She Reads Truth. It has you read enough Bible verses per day to read it in the year. I just finished it in 2015. I recommend it.

    • Flex, in the app you can set an alarm, sync and it’s a silent alarm so noone else hears or feels it. Our Daily Bread devotional. I will definitely check out She Reads Truth – I have a couple of hard copy versions of 1 year Bibles w OT, NT, Psalm and Proverbs daily – usually takes 15-20 mins to read. But I like an app if I’m traveling or waiting at practices, it’s handy. Thanks!

  3. I’m impressed – I am not sure I could deal with a 7:30am start. Even when our bell time was pushed back 10 minutes, I still got up at 7am and simply cut out some of my morning social media. Also rough that you had to leave school only to go back… but nice that you had your dinner prepared for you! Nicely structured post by the way, though maybe I’m biased because I also like to do time checks. 🙂 Hope you have some good dreams after all those miles!

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