Lego Toys and Optimization


Getting ready to do some systems of inequalities and so glad I posted ideas from this day a few years ago!

What do students do when give them legos? They create. This particular day, someone made unicorns and airplanes…

the radical rational...

So playing off Fawn’s Funky Furniture…students decided today they would make Lego Airplanes and Lego Unicorns. 

Here’s part of slide from our discussion.


Dummy me, erased other equations and inequalities they had shared when I asked for a function to describe our data. 
In this situation, we were ONLY looking at the number of large Legos used and how our total airplanes constructed would affect our total unicorns.

Good ideas came out in our discussion and almost every single student was on task.  They noticed several things in the data.  One student wanted to use our “vertex form” strategy (thanks mr. Waddell!)  to write the equation.  But they were not sure how to handle the repeated numbers 8 and 6 to find their rate of change.

Here are some of the suggestions from them…


What was great about this lesson, I didn’t correct them.  Their classmates were confirming or disagreeing. …

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  1. Speaking of LEGO bricks, we’ve just published the first book in a series of books for teachers that help students learn fractions using LEGO bricks. It’s called “Teaching Fractions Using LEGO® Bricks,” and is written by Dr. Shirley Disseler. It’s for students in 2 – 6 grade, and as you have described, makes the topic come alive with a manipulative that many of us have. Thanks!

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