That Moment… #onegoodthing


This week I have watched a student smile in class every. single. day. 

Yes, they’ve smiled before.  But they’ve smiled this week because they’ve not just been successful, they’ve felt successful, confident in themselves.

Excited. Wanting to do more, because they get it.  Waiting for you to call on them… because they get it.

Shouldn’t they be smiling everyday anyway?  One would hope. But when a student has always struggled with math, it takes a while…like 7 months this time, to win them over.  It’s not just me, the RTI teacher has played a huge role in moving this student forward.


You want to reach every single student. 

Some days are tough. 

Dave Burgess TLAP…


But that moment when you know that they know….finally… reminds you why you do what you do.

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