Summer Reading 2016


Yep, its April and I’m already thinking about Summer.  I don’t recall doing a countdown to end of the school year in years past.  I’m not trying to rush away time with my students, I have really grown to like them. A.Lot.

But as I have been reflecting on the year, I keep asking what can I improve and how can I do it?  Here’s a start for my summer reading, though it will likely change.  Any suggestions and recommendations are welcomed.  Would love to hear what others are thinking about reading this summer.

These are books I currently have.  I have watched some of Cathy Humphrey’s lessons and even used some of her ideas.  I feel its imperative to help students talk about their thinking, allow them space to play with their numbers – and build their confidence with numeracy.  I’m curious about the Mathematical Mindsets and Pam Harris’ session last year at KCM made me think, a lot about how can I approach certain topics differently.

Product Details Product Details  Product Details   

And these are on my radar, curious if anyone has read that can make a recommendation:

Product Details

I really enjoyed Make It Stick last summer and feel that I need to process some more in order to really continue making changes in my approach for students to really grow.  Hoping How We Learn will build on my understanding.

Product Details

I am constantly running across tweets and posts from Couros that strike a chord and I want to read more.

Product Details

I grew as a teacher when I read and implemented routines from Making Thinking Visible a few years ago and I want to continue that growth.

Just because reading recommended by a student and a colleague:

Product DetailsProduct Details

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