Quizlet.live #MTBoS30 Post 3


What a great day!

Quizlet.live omg.so.much.fun.


Students go to quizlet.live enter the join code.  Once everyone is in, I chose start game, it assigns students to groups…and even gives the group an animal name!

Students go join their groups.  Everyone in the group has the same question, but different responses.  The group must discuss and collaborate before making a choice.

There’s a progress line on overhead/teacher station.  When a group gets a correct match, they move ahead a point.  Someone jumping to answer first, they lose a point if incorrect…but can gain it back!

Lots of laughter, but seriousness too.  What I love from the teacher standpoint, the feedback- share stats with class…which terms they confused with others…An opportunity for immediate discussion, why one and not another. 

Click shuffle groups.  Go join new animal crew and play again! Everyone had worked with multiple classmates in just a few minutes.

Great tool for review and vocab. Wondering how else I can implement in math class!


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