Landmarks & Falling Objects #MTBoS30

Algebra I Quadratic Equations

We have prom this weekend, FFA ( a lot of my students ) are gone to Mammoth Cave, so I thought this would be a valuable way to end the week with so many students out and distracted.

Dan Meyer’s 3 Act Falling Rocks

Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Dropping Glowsticks

So, our practice problems consisted of finding the heights of tall landmarks (student generated list) and solving to find the time it would take an object to hit the ground after being dropped from the top of that landmark.

tall landmarks

As we continue working with quadratic functions / equations next week, we’ll take a look at Coyote & Road Runner and the Catapult to introduce parts of a parabola. Post discussing these  files: Quadratic Files.

For more skills practice / workbook 356/357.

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