Musical Chairs & Parabolas #MTBoS30


This is not a new idea – not even my idea, but a great one to begin or end the week, get students out of desks, working together, discussion patterns, etc.  Musical Chairs!

We started the day with a quick version of pictionary for a given quadratic function.  What are some key features / landmarks in the plane that would be helpful to note, when describing to our partners?  We arrive at the list x-intercepts, y-intercept, line of symmetry, vertex.

Students outline a page in their INBs with 4 lines at the bottom saved for reflection and the remainder of the page into 6 sections.  I have the following functions covered on the board.

Students clear their desks, grab INBs, TIs, pencils and I begin playing Walking on Sunshine!  Walk, walk, walk, dance, dance, dance. Music stops – grab a seat and a nearby partner.  Timer is set…to graph, sketch, label and noting key features.  Discuss / check with partner.  Questions?  Music plays again…some Hall & Oats…James Brown… Music stops, grab a seat and partner, repeat.  Look for patterns and hints as your graphing/sketching!

keyfeatures parabola

Students will reflect on their work at beginning of class tomorrow.  Listing things they notice from graphs / equations.  Then I will present them with factored versions of the above and repeat a similar task.

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