Open Data Collection with Party Favors


Yesterday was my last day with AP Statistics.  Most had presented their final projects last Friday.  We had extended periods due to other courses taking finals.  Once everyone had finished their presentations, we had a lot of time left.

I opened the cabinet and got these items out…placed them on a desk.  I told students to get one (or more) and play.  After a few minutes of kid-like laughter, I instructed them their last daily assignment was to create a data collection lab.

Basically, they were instructed to come up with a question addressing their toy, determine what they could measure that would allow them to answer their question, outline a lab to collect data and suggest a statistical test that would allow them analyze their data.

It was quite humorous watching them combine toys to develop their questions.  It truly was a time of play, but at the same time – thinking was happening!

I believe this will be a task I use the next time I get to teach Statistics.  However, it will focus on the type of data we collect…categorical vs. quantitative and what questions could be answered based on the collected data.

Once again, I am amazed/not amazed at some of the ideas they come up with.  And remind me – why do I not do more tasks like this?  #lakerproud #awesomestudents


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