A is the Answer. What is the Question?


Yesterday I had the opportunity to share some of my favorite tools with my school district.  We have Non-Traditional Instructional days for snowy, inclement weather.  Let’s face it, in Kentucky, a big snow can keep you out for days. 

Basically, when an NTI Day is called, students have pre-determined assignments to complete.  Our intention yesterday was to consider available, online resources to create interactive and meaningful learning tasks.

One idea I had been considering was how to merge a daily routine, like WODB with Google forms.  Based on discussions, g-forms are quite new to many colleagues.  And I was very excited to share WOBD.ca as well.


While thinking through what I would share, an idea came to me…

What if…we gave students the multiple choices, picked an answer and they asked the question?

Let’s try this… 

What’s the Question?

I’ve done several, here’s the answer, wrote an equation types before.  I’m not sure how this one is any different, except the question must address that single choice, so students have to consider how choices are alike/different.

What feedback can you offer? Or suggestions, if you done something similar with your students?

Here’s a great article shared by @mtthman

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