Laker Escape 2016 #breakout #MTBoS30


Last night was graduation, followed by a few last hours for our graduates to play, laugh and add some lasting memories to their final moments before leaving RCHS.

Several week ago, as we began sharing ideas for the nights events, I jokingly said let’s make a breakout room. Others chimed in. I laughed saying, we need a faculty trip to Lexington Breakout for some research.

On a Tuesday evening, 12 of us headed up for our research experience. I’ll be very honest, I was nervous.  What if we didn’t breakout because of a mistake I made? And even worse, what if the other team broke out. Oh no. I’d never live that down.

It was so stinkin’ fun!!!!!  Adrenaline rush. Challenging.  Definitely a team-building experience.  Add it to your summer to-do list!  Our room was Derby Heist, an evil Vet had stolen $2 million, the Blanket of roses and the race Trophy. We had 60 minutes to retrieve all items.  Even better, our gamemaster’s name was Houston! “Houston, we have a problem,” when we asked for our clues!

The other group successfully escaped Hostage, which was a hijacking scenario. So much fun.

When we returned, my colleague and I began jotting down ideas.  We gathered supplies – various locks, boxes, invisible ink and a black light.  Earlier in the week, we did some run throughs with colleagues, made some adjustments and we were ready, just hoping the kids would enjoy!


With the exception of one faulty combination lock, the night went really well. Each group’s dynamics were quite different.  We felt our room was good quality, about a 50/50 escape, but all were within seconds of getting the final piece!



The mission: to pay a library fine, find their cap and gown, get dressed and locate the missing diploma, in 10 minutes…or they would not get to walk the line!

The narrative played around all things Laker, with many clues directly connected to theor 4 years with us.  We had a total of 5 locks, 3 digits, 4 digits, key and a 5 letter lock.  A throwback to the infamous pep rally game, dizzy bat combined with trashketball resulted in the gamemaster handing over an envelope with a clue on microscope slides.  An open box contained play money for the fine, a ‘blank’ piece of paper with a hidden message from Mr. Atticus Finch to look for a hall pass, as well as magnets needed to get a key out of a glued down vase.


Another box contained the diploma with a final code to open the cap and gown.

The fastest group was 6:07 minutes, our limit was 10 minutes, but I know had groups had another 2-3 minutes would have been successful.

Groups who failed to complete their mission were retained and became a part of Class of 2017.  One group returned to play again, they simply didn’t like failing.  Their board read we made it…after summer school!

I’ve been scrolling some of the brekoutedu adventures wondering how I can create a few for next school year already.

I’ll blog a full step by step directions later, should anyone decide they want to build a room for an event.


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