#readthree 2016 #MTBoS30


A couple of summers ago, I used a #readthree in an attempt to expose myself to new blogs.  There are so many good resources and quality teacher sharing, I miss so much.  My plan, to peruse down my list of followers and see what I can find… a rabbit hole of sorts.

Here’s my first edition of #readthree 2016

@jlwilliams314 over at Mrs. W is Off on a Tangent blog shared some of their INB activities for linear functions.  In this post, I especially like the flip open problems.  Scroll about halfway through to find these:

I like how they chose to give 1 representation of the function and students had to build/show the remaining models.  I will definitely be using this idea, maybe tweak to the NAGS.

Part 2 of her Linear Functions posts offered some nice foldables for residuals, correlation coefficients and interpretting slope/y-intercept.

After teaching AP Statistics, I was much more intentional with correlation and interpreting slope, y-intercept my first year back in Algebra I.  However, I want to refine what I did this year and she has provided me with some ideas to begin.

I love the most recent post celebrating her colleague!

@theericklee of (Parentheses) [Brackets] {Braces+} shared a fun mash-up lesson he did with Fraction Talks and Clothes Line.  I loved the visual of this activity and plan to use it early in the semester with my Algebra I’s next year.


@benwoodford1‘s site Mr. Woodford’s Math has several bits to review.  Under lessons, I really like the Zombie clip from MythBusters he uses to introduce a task in estimation Counting Zombies.  His Teacher Resource Page offers numerous links and a list of his favorite Ted Talks.  I will definitely be spending more time checking out his list of resources!

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