#readthree 2016 Day 2 #MTBoS @anderson02B @jbowker @mburwtiz


My first encounter with @anderson02B from Math Lab: Inspire, Connect, Reflect was when I tweeted about wanting to do more open middle questions in my class.  I tried some randomly planned items this spring and realize very quickly it is a useful, thought-provoking, discussion-driving structure to utilize.  In his recent posts, there are several open middle statistics problems shared.  Just enough to get you thinking and seeing how you can incorporate in to your own tool box of questions!  There are several links posted that lead to numerous examples in every domain of mathematics.  Check it out!

I liked his new mission he posted at the end of this postDon’t stop at practice, push students to reflect, rethink, reapply their mathematical knowledge for different experiences and scenarios.  Definitely something to remember as I am planning learning tasks for next year!

I only skimmed much of his #MTBoS30 posts, but I’d love to ask for his prompt list.  Interesting starter prompts – that lead to some great reading.  Thanks for sharing!

@jbowker shared this great graphic on his site comparing various tech tools.  I like it.  I can quickly glance to see a tool I can look up based on the purpose of its usefulness.  I see a lot of tools I have heard of, yet never explored.  The graphic on his page has actual links to the named resources.  Definitely worth a visit!


@mburwtiz had a fun little post on “Just How Big is a Cubic Meter?” over at Wahooooo 4 Math!   I love  when students ask their own questions, to allow them the space to answer it themselves!


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